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About Us

About Us

How it all began

While working in the IT group of a county government office, Michael Sumption soon realized that there were many problems and inefficiencies that could be resolved with custom software. Thus the name, GovIS (an acronym for Government Information Systems) was born. However, there was one big issue, the Internet domain names for and were already taken and the owner wanted $20,000 for each. Someone once said, "Patience is a virtue that pays dividends." Well, three years later the owner released the domains, which allowed Michael to purchase them for $8.95 each, and GovIS, LLC was founded in February, 2003.

Since then, GovIS has developed software applications and websites for clients both local and around the world (see our Clients page). We have partnered with industry leaders and earned certifications such as Microsoft Certified Partner and Iron Speed MVP.

In 2005, we entered the business sector with some large-scale web-based applications and added our Internet Services Division ( In 2007, GovIS entered the education sector with some additional apps and website projects.

Today, GovIS continues to support its existing products and services, but we are also relaunching our identity brand with new social media outlets, and preparing to launch two new products, iFAQS and IT Service Manager.

Our culture

This is probably the most important thing about our company. It's what guides us and keeps us every day. Our culture is largely based on Michael's experience while working in Disneyland's IT group, and business philosophies from Jim Collins's book series ("Built to Last", "Good to Great") among others.

Why is Disneyland the "Happiest Place on Earth?" Besides the obvious entertainment value, it's the world-class customer service, and GovIS is dedicated to the same principles where the customer is our "honored guest." In terms of business, we have found our "hedgehog concept." We are passionate about finding niches in the government and education sectors where there is an unmet need for leveraging technology to solve problems with inefficient, manual paper-based processes and communications. Solving these problems makes the lives of the employees of those institutions and their constituents more productive, more engaged, and more satisfied. That is the real reward.

We push forward and run the race to be a "great" company, not just in our own eyes, but in those of our customers.