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Development Custom business software, database, and mobile apps

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When commercial software doesn't fit

Sure, every business can use word processing and spreadsheets, but at some point, you may find that your organization has special requirements that just can't be met with commercial-off-the-shelf software. Those requirements may be a unique process that requires tracking and reporting data in a unique way, or they may be a new product or service that will give your business a competitive advantage.

How does GovIS fit in

GovIS has many years of experience developing and implementing successful software projects based on unique requirements. Please see our Clients page for some examples. As one of our ads states:

"Let our experience, innovation, and vision guide you through the technology maze to make your business dreams a reality."

Whatever your dream is, we can help you from the vision and planning phase all the way through the implementation and maintenance / support phase.

What do we do, and how do we do it

GovIS develops custom business software applications that help automate processes, track data, and provide reports to manage your organization. We also develop websites and mobile apps that help you reach out to your customers wherever they may be. Check out our other services and products to see what else we do.

We like to partner with our clients and learn about your business. After all, you are the experts in what you do. Then we use that knowledge, along with the requirements for the project, and quickly develop a prototype that you can actually work with. From there, we continue to build the prototype, with your feedback, until it is complete and ready to "go live". Of course, we do all the proper project management stuff also to make sure the project goes smoothly.

GovIS also partners with the following industry leaders by expertly using their tools to build your next dream: