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Transit Pass System

Feature 1

What is the Transit Pass System (TPS) and who can use it

Suburban municipalities in large metropolitan areas may sell partially subsidized public transit passes to their residents that have to commute to work elsewhere. TPS is a web-based application that a city would use to manage the resident and pass information, and to process and fulfill online pass orders.



  • Residents can order passes conveniently online
  • City can easily manage resident, pass, and order information electronically instead of using manual paper or spreadsheet methods


  • Manage residents (aka Customers) including photo, eligibility expiration, current pass number, past orders, user info, and uploaded documents
  • Manage alternate authorized purchasers for residents
  • Manage online and POS front-desk orders accepting cash, check, charge/debit cards
  • Process and fulfill multiple online orders with batch receipt printing
  • Manage pass information with options such as price, discount, virtual, and several more
  • Manage physical pass inventory and backorders
Reports and lists
  • Order summary and detail reports, pass summary report
  • Several user definable field lists including login page announcements
Users and security
  • User management and role-based security with database user authentication for customers and Active Directory authentication for city employees
  • Security protections with SSL access for encrypted login, online pass purchases, and URL parameters
  • Online help editor and display
  • Customizable to work with most all credit card payment processors
  • PCI compliant, credit card information is not stored

Simple Licensing & Pricing

$6,000 annually, unlimited users